Shalom Dear Friends, Supporters, and Prayer Partners,

Greetings from the Ark in the Negev! We are sorry for the lapse in newsletters, but this has been a season of readjustments, as well as preparations for what the Lord is going to do with and for us. Please allow us to share some of the events and news at the Ark over the past few months.

The arrival of winter brought us showers of blessings that developed into an abundant rainy season. The stark brown landscape became covered with signs of life, as the many wheat and other fields began in flourish and became beautiful shades of green.

Just as we watched the fields evolve from being “void and lifeless,” we continue to witness the transformation of the lives of the shattered women who enter The Ark. Through Bible study, sharing our testimonies of how the Lord has helped us overcome difficulties and hardships, and other ways to share and express God’s love, we are so privileged to witness true life emerging in the students.

A new and exciting ministry project that helps teach confidence and work skills to the students is our jewelry project. The staff and students have learned how to produce and market some unique and beautiful jewelry. The sale of the jewelry is a way for students to have money for their personal items. Through this ministry project, the students learn that they must take the time to construct carefully the jewelry properly or it will not be usable. Stacey, the Ark’s Bible teacher/discipler, uses the project to share with the students the example of how the preparation of each piece of the jewelry takes patience and that they, too, must have patience in the Lord to prepare them to be exactly the “jewel” He wants them to be. Please pray for the Lord to bring the right person to lead this business venture. The jewelry is currently being sold to local communities, as well as visitors to the center.

The hairdressing program has proven to be a huge blessing to not only the students but also to the local residents. As the students progress in their skills, they accompany Barbara, program director and instructor, to the local senior citizen center where they provide haircuts to the residents. Not only does the experience help reinforce the women’s training, but it also builds their confidence to integrate back into society. Barbara took a break in the spring from the classes but expects to return later this year.

During Hanukkah, the staff and students shared a night of pizza and fun. The students work hard each day in their pursuit to overcome their past life and thoroughly enjoyed the time of relaxing. Please see some of the photos below.

We expect more students to arrive very soon. The two women who have expressed a desire to be with us are both pregnant. Thank you for your prayers, as we minister to these women and soon- to-be mothers.

Our short-term volunteers continue to be of great assistance to the staff and students at the center. Their invaluable help and support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support to the center. Together we will continue to see lives impacted and changed for His Kingdom’s plans and purposes. Please consider a special year-end contribution to The Ark in the Negev.

Blessings and love with gratitude from Zion,
Polly Sigulim, director
Staff, Volunteers, and the Women and Children in the Ark