-RESTORATION IN THE NEGEV-


When I knocked on the door to a strange house in the middle of the Negev desert, I was an emotionally and spiritually shattered woman. With my little girl In tow, I was unsure of each step I took. All I knew at the time was that “The Ark in the Negev” was known to be a safe place of refuge and I was desperate.

I already had a rooting in the knowledge of Yeshua/Jesus, however my image of Him was more than a little corrupt. In my mind G-d was not a loving father who sent His only begotten son because He loved me. No, I understood Him as an abusive father, full of revenge because I was bad and deserved His wrath.

I had lived a life of constant chaos nearly every moment of my existence. I wanted so much to be free from the inner inflictions that had been plaguing my existence, but I did not even know how to ask, or who to ask. I desired safety and stability for me and my child, but I was positive that was something that would always be just beyond my grasp.

My situation in life seemed hopeless. Was I doomed to float like a fickle feather from place to place, starving, broken, sad and alone, dragging my child through her childhood years barely surviving? Not on my life! Definitely not on hers!

In the beginning I  struggled to grasp onto this lifeline that the Lord had put in front of me, “The Ark,” a place of refuge. I knew only enough to pray, even when all I saw was just a shred of light inside me. The amazing staff at the Ark banded around me and held my arms up when they became too heavy for me alone. I was encouraged and uplifted and yes, when necessary, reprimanded in a loving way. It is in this home where I received true deliverance.IMG-20151210-WA0000

I can honestly say that I know what it is like to be spiritually and emotionally shattered and then by the shear grace and pure love of G-d, I was snatched from the inner pits of hell where I had been suffering. I can still remember the moment that the Lord breathed life into me. I was no longer a shattered mirror of myself, I was whole! I became a whole woman in that moment. It is amazing how not just one life was changed this way, but two!

In my darkest hours, I was surrounded by amazing staff who prayed with me. When at my wits end as a mother, I was encouraged. And while physically broken, I can smile because I still feel whole. The staff at the Ark in the Negev are a light in the dark. They ignited a spark in me, and fed my desire to become free by pointing me in the right direction, to the one true King.

As I phase out of this program and my year finishes, I have only fond thoughts of my time here. From the time spent on my knees in tearful prayer, to the overwhelming joy that I feel as I watch my child as she thrives! I want to give back to this amazing cause. To think that I can help other women that are where I was spiritually and emotionally, means that every struggle, every single bit of brokenness that I suffered in my life, was worth it. I will remain with this amazing organization. I am joyfully looking forward to letting the Lord use me for His great name.

I am free, I am whole, and I have a wonderful relationship with my loving father in Heaven. My child and I are not merely surviving anymore, we are thriving!

I am surrounded by love. The staff have taught me more than words can even begin to describe. I have learned to walk with my Lord and savior Yeshua. What could be a better testimony than that?

I thank each and every person that has helped the Ark in the Negev exist and all those that support this place and places like this.


Written by one of the women at the Ark in the Negev