Summer 2014 Newsletter

Shalom and blessings from the Negev

It is very hot and dry here! We need to take care to check on our plants and trees and give them extra water so they can continue to live. That is a picture of the work of Ark in the Negev J The women who take refuge here are like tender plants and trees that need time with Yeshua, to drink in His Holy Spirit and be revived and built up in Him.

We are glad to bring the following news:


 Our lovely “Dvora” is getting ready to graduate out of the Ark’s one-year program. She is preparing herself for work and life in the wider community. Dvora says: “It has been almost a year since I arrived. In that time I have had a baby, learned how to be a new mom, been able to open up through creative therapy, and made friends that I want to keep for a lifetime.”

It is not easy to come to the end of yourself and commit to starting afresh in the Lord. Dvora shares, “I almost quit several times. I have been pushed to my limits and had to reach out to God to make it to the next step. My faith and relationship with Yeshua is now stronger. When I leave the Ark I am going to go where the Lord wants me to.”

We are also delighted that Dvora’s baby, “Daniel,” is thriving. His mom confirms, “He is growing and full of love. He is a peaceful baby: so much prayer has gone into him and I think it shows.”

Jewels of the Ark

Our jewellery business Jewels of Ark is forging ahead and the proceeds of sales of our product go toward funding the work of the Ark.

Beautiful pieces are made by students and staff of the Ark, and women of the local believing community.

Polly Sigulim, Ark Director, reflects: “Personally I am very pleased with the way the business project is going. When we are all together making the jewellery it takes me out of the role of Director and puts everyone on a more equal footing. The students are able to rise up and reach their own creativity level. This takes them out of a perception that they are in a rehabilitative program because they have failed at life.”

 Our business now has a Facebook page from which it is possible to see and purchase gorgeous (we think so!) necklaces.

To order: Go to Facebook page JEWELS OF THE ARK (, choose from the products you will see there and send a message to the page indicating which item you are interested in. We will take it from there! Payment is made through paypal account: FIRST TIME BUYERS will receive a FREE pair of matching earrings JPrices include international shipping.

Groups or individuals visiting the Ark can also purchase our jewellery directly on site. We are happy to welcome visitors!

Hair dressing program

 We are excited that the wonderful Barbara Secreto has received the working documents necessary to return to Israel to teach hairdressing at the Ark.

The women of the Ark will again have the opportunity to learn a trade from a true professional who loves the Lord and loves the women and prays for them.

In the past Barbara has taught haircutting to the women of the Ark, and then together they have reached out to the elderly in providing free hair cuts at a local senior citizen’s center: It is healing and empowering for the women to be able to give as well as to receive.

We look forward to Barbara’s arrival on 4th July, and she already has candidates waiting for her classes!


 We are so thankful for prayers made for this ministry.

Please pray for:


  1. Dvora as she prepares to leave the Ark.
  2. New arrivals to the Ark to receive all that God wants to give them during their stay here.
  3. For the staff and volunteers who currently work in this ministry
  4. The jewellery business to grow and provide funds for the Ark.
  5. For God’s choice of additional full-time staff and volunteers to serve Him at the Ark
  6. A treadmill for our women to exercise at home during the hot weather

Much love and many thanks

 Polly Sigulim and Ark in the Negev