Spring 2014 Newsletter

Shalom dear friends, supporters and prayer partners!

We are glad to bring you this newsletter. It has been a while since our last update, but we now plan to keep you posted on  a regular basis ☺

The work of the Ark continues, and we are delighted that one of our students, “Dvora,” gave birth to a beautiful baby boy several weeks after her arrival here.“Dvora” is learning to become a wonderful mother and is growing in the Lord. Both she and her child are a blessing to our community. Glory to God! Ivy has returned from a recent tour in America. She has been resting and gaining strength after her long trip, and we are happy she is back home ☺.We are also glad that Barbara Secreto, who set up our hairdressing salon, will be coming back to minister at the Ark in April. She will resume her work of teaching hairdressing to students, staff and members of the wider believing community. Definitely looking forward to that!

Jewels of the Ark” – our new business!

I adorned you with ornaments, put bracelets on your wrists, and a chain on your neck (Ezekiel 16:11)An important aspect of the rehabilitative program offered tostudents at the Ark is that they are given the opportunity to
learn “marketable skills” that could help them back on their

A special project the Ark is currently running is called Jewels
of the Ark.

The Jewels initiative began in March 2013 when an American
ministry called “Jewels for God” came to Israel and donated
semi-precious stones, crystals, tools and an intensive weeklong
seminar for students and volunteers to learn how to make
quality jewelry.

Since then, volunteers, staff and students of the Ark have been
meeting every week to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets
and earrings. Each piece is unique.
We now have a non-profit business license and are looking to
promote and sell our jewelry on a larger scale.

Importantly, the proceeds from sales of our jewelry flow back
to the Ark, to help fund the work of the refuge itself. In this
way, the Ark can help to raise some of its own support, and
the students can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are
contributing to their up-keep and their community.

Stacey Trobman, the Ark’s Bible teacher, says: “As I handle
the semi-precious stones to make a necklace, I think of the
ladies in the Ark. I think of them as diamonds in the rough
being crafted in the Master’s hand. I tell the women they are
unique and beautiful in the eyes of their Creator.”

We are so grateful for what the Lord has done in setting up
Jewels of the Ark!

Practical matters of prayer

We are thankful to God for the blessing of a new refrigerator…
This was an answer to prayer ☺
We would now be grateful for prayer in regards to the
possibility of buying the Ark house. We believe it would be a
blessing for the house to belong to the ministry for the long
term so that we can further develop and equip the building for
future service. May God’s will be done in this matter…
Meanwhile, our rental lease has just been extended for
another year, and that is very good.

Prayer for Israeli women in distress

Therefore, behold, I will allure her, Will bring her into the
wilderness, And speak comfort to her. (Hosea 2:14)

Please keep our precious students in your prayers. The enemy
fights hard against them to drag them down, but God loves
them and wants to comfort, heal and restore them.
Please also pray that those women that God wants to bring to
the Ark would be able to come without hindrance and that
their hearts would be prepared to surrender to the Lord and
receive new life from Him.

We covet your continued prayers also for our staff and for our
amazing short-term volunteers and all others associated with
this ministry.

THANK YOU for your prayers and your support!
Blessings and love from Israel,
Polly Sigulim, Director, Staff, Volunteers, and the Women and
Children in the Ark

Donations to this ministry can be made by paypal through our
website at: www.arkinthenegev.com