November Newsletter


Oh, Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm 118:1 NKJV



Do you ever have days where doubt seems to creep in? It so happens, that even the strongest person can come down with a case of temporary, “Spiritual Amnesia.” We here at the Ark teach our students to count their blessings. It may seem like an old fashioned concept, but it is biblical and it does in fact work! We encourage them to not only thank the Lord for His goodness, but to also praise Him for who He is. Worries and cares regarding the day can obscure our view of the, “True Reality.” Sometimes all it can take during times of doubt is to remember all of the good things that Yeshua has done for us and to look at the blessings right in front of our eyes. We may not be seeing blessings due to worrisome or stressful circumstances clouding our perception of how blessed we really are. This is why the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob kept reminding the children of Israel of His goodness so many times. He is a loving and caring God. As Believers in the Lord, we are all on a journey of faith.


We are extremely grateful for all of the prayers, encouragement and giving that pour in from our amazing supporters. You are a huge blessing to us. We go about our day with confidence knowing that so many prayer warriors stand with us, and have our back. May the Lord almighty bless you and keep you. Everyone here at the Ark wants you to know that we hold you near and dear in our hearts. We send to you our love and continue to pray for all of our supporters.


Here are the latest updates:
The Lord is mighty and is always watching out for us. Our beloved Karen, whom had blessed us with her creativity in jewelry making as well as her loving care and expertise in managing the website before passing it on to Tikvah, “not to mention countless other ways she has been a blessing…” needed a new home for her cherished dog Shomar. After group prayer all of us here at20151009_103453-1 the Ark received the same confirmation; Shomar’s new home was to be nowhere else but right here with us at the Ark. The mighty Lord does not disappoint. We were aware that we would benefit from a large guard dog and it just seemed perfectly fitting that the name “Shomar” is in fact the Hebrew word for “Guard or Protector.” Shomar has become a wonderful addition to the Ark family. He gets along famously with the small Ark dog, Noa, whom has been with us since her birth. Shomar is also very devoted to our students and the small child who is currently residing at the Ark. Karen was able to advance onto her next adventure with the Lord. She is taking a Human Rights course in Jerusalem, assured that her beloved Shomar is loved and cared for. We miss her immensely.


We were blessed for a couple of weeks with Tammy. She volunteered with us and did a wonderful job tackling our wild garden. She has since gone back to the USA and is missed. We are thankful for her time with us and we pray that she is blessed abundantly.

At the end of this month we will be saying goodbye to Misha, a marvelous volunteer whom has come to us from the Czech Republic. She will be deeply missed. Misha has been a loving, compassionate and gracious house mother. She has a passion to learn Hebrew and has joined in the Hebrew classes offered by our beloved counselor Stacey. Stacey has been encouraged to expand her own Russian language skills in the process of teaching Misha, since Misha can communicate with better ease in Russian verses English. Everyone is learning from each other, hence expanding our love, patience and acceptance of others. We are positive that when our little “Arkite,” whom is currently attending Kindergarten, grows up a little, she will be keeping us all up to date on the latest Hebrew slang…

Barbara, our salon instructor is being successful in the selling of the jewelry that she has taken back to the USA to preset during her visits among Churches and groups while she shares about the Ark in the Negev ministry. Oh how we miss her New York accent and personality, as well as how much she grumbles when we hug her! We are looking forward to her return in a few months.

Tikvah is doing a good job with the Jewels of the Ark marketing and is very grateful and thankful for all of your support and prayers.


Stacey is a long treasured asset of everyone here at the Ark we treasure her devotion and dedication to our students. She is always available to pray for and with our students in addition to her outstanding counseling plus teaching in Biblical studies and Hebrew. May she stay blessed as she is always a welcomed blessing.

There is this funny phenomenon that goes on here at the Ark… “Jewelry making Fixation…” Everyone has become afflicted with it! We all look forward to Mondays when, after lessons, everyone piles into the van and heads to Polly’s for jewelry making. We happily execute the jewelry making for hours upon hours and then whine when we have to stop; at that point we then start to beg for jewels to take home for self-induced, “Homework.” This can’t be normal, please pray for us! If you are interested in witnessing all the results of everyone’s ”forced labor ” exercise, come on over and check out the store on our page,


We hope and pray that you have a remarkable Thanksgiving, as you sit down and recall all of the terrific blessings the Lord has poured upon you. May He continue to bless you greatly and abundantly. Thank you for your continued support. We are extremely grateful to the Lord for you!