March 2015 Newsletter

Shalom Dear Friends, Supporters and Prayer Partners,

Thanks for your prayerful dedication to the work that began four years ago as a vision from the Lord to reach out to women in distress.

At this time we are coming to terms with the sudden death of “Dvorah, ” a beautiful young woman who lived at the Ark with her child for one year. Dvorah returned to the USA last summer to raise her son among her family there. She had come to the Ark a few weeks before giving birth to a beautiful baby boy in the Land. She had courageously decided to have her baby as a single mother and in very difficult circumstances. Dvorah was funny, passionate, kind and encouraging. She loved the Lord. She was an amazing artist and was well able to teach her craft in a wonderfully engaging way. She made fabulous jewellery. She reached out. She was a beautiful life force that God gave us until He took her to Himself in heaven. We are glad she is with Him. We are blessed by her memory.

In other news, one of the main assets of the center is our volunteers. Their willingness to come to the center to share of their gifts and talents is greatly appreciated.

Our former House Mom Ivy is moving onto to other ministry. She was one of our first students and she dedicated herself to the running of the house. She is now in her own apartment in the area and is helping a ministry in outreach in Tel Aviv.

We really appreciated having had Amie volunteer with us for six weeks.   We particularly enjoyed her bubbly personality, hard work and her sweet Scottish accent.

Another volunteer, Barbara teaches hairstyling. Through the generosity of Barbara’s church in the USA, our center was able to purchase necessary hair salon furniture and tools so that she could teach this trade.  Now that Barbara has returned from Christmas break in the States, the folks in the congregation are lining up again to get haircuts! She and her students also give free haircuts to holocaust survivors and the elderly at one of the senior citizens centers in town. She is now preparing to start yet another course for those from the Ark and the community.

Speaking of our students, not all of them addiction backgrounds. B came to us six months ago when she lost her job due to a back injury. She was in need of rest for her physical body and spiritual guidance for this transition in her life. She is now employed and living in an apartment in the community. Please keep her in prayer.

We would appreciate your prayer for a student that was only able to stay with us for a couple of weeks. K came to us to detox in a safe environment where her privacy was guarded. She really enjoyed making jewellery with our ladies. Please pray for K as she continues to raise her son in the love of Yeshua.

Yes, if you haven’t heard, our jewellery business start-up has been up at running for two years. Our goal is not only to give our students a viable skill, but to help raise a salary for a full time employee from Israel. Stacey, the Ark Bible Teacher and I are the only Hebrew speakers. (Please pray as Stacey teaches Barbara some basic Hebrew).

In the meantime, our jewellery business now covers some Ark expenses. If you would like to buy some jewelry made by our staff and students, please go to www.arkinthe

Your prayers are treasures to us. The women who enter the Ark in the Negev come to us with various issues, hurts, and addictions, yet their core need is the same…to hear of the One Who alone can heal their broken hearts and deliver them from their bondage.

Please know that each financial contribution is greatly appreciated. The box below gives the information on how you can be a part of this ministry.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your family and friends. If they would like to join our mailing list, please have them send us a message at the email address below. Thank you.

Blessings and love with gratitude from  Zion,

Polly Sigulim, Director &

Staff, women and children of the Ark in the Negev.

Ark in the Negev: PO Box 1621, Arad 89068, ISRAEL


Ark in the Negev operates through faith in God’s provision of financial and other gifts and donations from you, our faithful partners, as well as other families, friends and congregations. May the Lord bless you richly.

To donate to this project:

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  2. You can donate by credit card or PayPal on the Eastern Europe Outreach website: a.) Click “Donate” and follow the instructions. b.) After filling in your donation amount and your personal information, click on “Special Instructions; “Designate your donation here:” “Add” and write in that your gift is for TEEN CHALLENGE ARAD, ISRAEL.
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