How about some Ketchup with that?

Thank you for supporting us throughout yet another year here in Israel, with your prayers and financial blessings.

As the holidays are upon us, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Chanukah, we realize our website has not been updated for quite a long time and we would like to use this years ending newsletter to catch everyone up. (Ketchup, get it?)

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The Ark has been moving along, in more ways than one. The Ark was in search of a new Ark house when Ark Director Polly realized she could utilize her own home for these ladies since one of her foster children was moving on. Bless her!

We love to welcome women and their children.  It doesn’t matter if they are Arab or Jewish, or even from other countries.  It doesn’t matter what language they speak whether it be Russian, Hebrew or English.

Polly and our lovely Ark teacher Stacey have begun studying Arabic. After all, the very first Ark woman was Arab. Gratefully she spoke perfect Hebrew. That being said, we do live and work in a land where Arabic is almost as common as Hebrew. No sooner had they began their first lesson that Polly got a phone call asking us to accept an Arab woman. What are the odds?

Polly couldn’t turn down our new student just because she wanted her beloved dog by her side and since woman are often accompanied by their children, how could we turn down this woman’s member of the family? So, yes we are accepting this new student and her beloved pet.

Women, children, pets, how fitting for the Ark!

We still continue to do Ark jewelry.  We love getting special orders from those in our Messianic Fellowship here in Arad and elsewhere.  We are especially grateful when large groups come to bless us with their presence and perhaps even buy a piece or two. Oh how the women’s faces light up when their piece has been selected! Their sense of accomplishment is beautiful to witness.

We also enjoy watching our former students settle into new lives. A former student is once again doing this website, so check out all the new jewelry pictures that will soon be posted! She is also the new secretary and this is something Polly has praying about for quite some time.

A volunteer and her young son have received their Israeli citizenship and moved into their own place right here in Arad. She has just finished an intensive Hebrew course and now the two of them are embracing their new lives in this amazing land.

Barbara, the hair school instructor is back home in America and dearly missed.  Also, dearly missed is a recent volunteer who was with us for a couple of months and just got her MA in Business as well as a new job in her field of study. Of course we pray blessings upon blessings upon them as they have always been a blessing to us.

Now that the Ark has been incorporated into the director’s house, we are no longer in need of temporary volunteers, but we would like to thank those who were willing to come, just the fact that they were willing to come and serve, shows a lot to their character and love for the Lord’s work.

Please pray for us as we continue to accept new students into our hearts and lives. It is you, our prayer warriors and supporters that keep us encouraged. Never forget that we pray daily for you and it is our sincere hope that you are blessed beyond measure as you are more priceless to us than words can describe.