February 2012

Shalom Dear Friends, Supporters and Prayer Partners,

Things have been rather busy here at the Ark in the Negev! It’s hard to believe another month has come and gone. Since last month’s newsletter, we have welcomed our second and third students into the Ark. They come to us with a desire to learn a better way of life. What an open door to their hearts! One of the women has a toddler with her. We ask that you pray for us, as we continue to minister to the ladies who come into the center.

We had another young woman visit the center for a few days. She qualified as a student but her heart was not yet ready to commit to the program. Our door is open to her, should she desire to return.

One of the main assets of the center is our volunteers. Their willingness to come to the center to share of their gifts and talents is greatly appreciated. In addition to sharing the Gospel with the students, one of our goals is to teach the women job skills so they can return to daily life with a new and better way to earn a living.

Barbara, one of our volunteers, teaches hairstyling. Through the generosity of her church in the USA, the center was able to purchase the necessary hair salon furniture and tools to teach this trade.

Another of our volunteers, Kathy, came for a few weeks to teach breadmaking. Bread is a staple in Israel, served at every meal, so to learn this skill was very welcome. We enjoyed the time with Kathy very much.

Cindy, a volunteer through Teen Challenge, serves as one of our “home administrators.” She is here for another couple of months to help oversee the day-to-day operation of the center.

We greatly appreciate the volunteers the Lord has sent to the Ark and hope more will arrive this year. If you believe the Lord is leading you to volunteer at the Ark in the Negev, please write to us at the e-mail address at the bottom of this newsletter. We will be glad to send you the necessary information.

Soon after we opened the Ark in the Negev, it became apparent a privacy fence was needed around the property. The Orthodox Jews in this area often persecute the Messianic Believers in Arad. Protests in front of the women’s center, as well as the home of the center’s director are a common sight. The women, as well as visitors to the center, are often subjected to personal harassment from the Orthodox. We welcomed a group of volunteers from the Czech Republic who came and built a beautiful fence around the property. This fence helps provide privacy and security for the women and children who come here. We are very grateful for these men and women who came to help make the center a more secure and pleasant place of refuge.

Your prayers are treasures to us. The women who enter the Ark in the Negev come to us with various issues, hurts, and addictions, yet their core need is the same…to hear of the One Who alone can heal their broken hearts and deliver them from their bondage.

Please know that each financial contribution is greatly appreciated. The box below gives the information on how you can continue to be a part of this ministry.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your family and friends. If they would like to join our mailing list, please have them send us a message at the email address below. Thank you.

On a personal note, please pray for Polly Sigulim, the center director. She has received notice from her present landlords that she needs to move from her home by May. After 15 years in the house, she must now relocate. Please pray for the Lord’s leading in this situation. Thank you.

Blessings and love with gratitude from Zion,

Polly Sigulim, director
Staff, volunteers, and the women and children in the Ark