Fall 2014 Newsletter

Shalom and blessings from the Negev,

By God’s grace we have made it safely through a difficult summer of war and nation-wide distress.  We have been praying for our country, for our enemies and for those who have lost loved ones in the fighting.  We are so grateful for your prayers for our safety, peace and protection. God hears!

 New Beginnings

He restores my soul: He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake. (Psalms 23:3)

Here at the Ark, in the midst of the troubles, we welcomed two amazing young women, one of them with a baby.

The first of the ladies has been recovering from the devastation of alcoholism.

Consciously dependent on Yeshua, she has been diligently working on her sobriety through her program at the Ark.  She does not take her sobriety for granted and relies on the Lord one day at a time as she goes forward in her new life.

This young woman has been taking advanced classes in hairdressing with instructor Barbara Secreto , and has graduated to cutting and styling hair for women in the wider local community.  She’s doing well, she is a precious blessing to us, and we are so proud of her!

As for our second new student – well, her face shines! Having come to the Ark following her decision to follow Jesus out of a situation of bondage in Tel Aviv, she has come with her baby boy to take shelter at the Ark and has embraced her new life in the Lord.

Her desire for her son to be dedicated to the Lord was fulfilled as the baby was prayed for and committed to God’s hands by the elders before our congregation, Chasdey Yeshua.

Learning to walk with the Lord and take care of her child, she is keen to make the most of the opportunities presented to her.  She has enthusiastically joined the “Jewels of the Ark” project, making lovely, delicate and intricate creations.  She was thrilled when the first necklace she made was sold to a wonderful, supportive believer in Greece!

Friendly, kind and creative, this young lady is a testimony to God’s work and a blessing to our community.


 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

As a group, the Ark team is keen to reach out to help other ministries.

For some time now staff and volunteers of the Ark have been traveling to Tel Aviv to help with a ministry to women called Red Carpet Salon.

Sponsored by the International Christian Embassy, the Red Carpet ministry helps women in South Tel Aviv who are trapped in crises such as prostitution and/or drug addiction.  Women can come to seek help, talk about their lives, and have manicures, haircuts and a hot meal.  Ark staff has been there to share about the Ark and encourage the women that there is a way out.   There is a place to come to if they want to change their lives.

Additionally, Barbara Secreto is an on-going weekly presence at the local Arad senior citizens’ centre. Here the elderly are given free hair cuts while being quietly prayed for.  A beautiful 80 -year-old Russian immigrant in our congregation is also in attendance and she is able to actually speak to the Russian-speaking seniors about Jesus.

Jewels of the Ark

We are currently missing the lovely Barbara Ruth, our jewellery instructor. Ruthi travelled to the USA earlier this month to help her elderly parents.

Ruthi is not only a devoted teacher, but she also designs and makes gorgeous pieces at a professional level. She is also the one who takes the fabulous photos of our products.  God has gifted her very much. May she and her family be greatly blessed during her stay in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Ark Director, Polly, has taken over the teaching and quality control side of the jewellery business. Praise God!

Please check out our products for sale on our website and on our Facebook page, Jewels of the Ark. Until September 29 there is a 30% discount on all listed items!

The proceeds of the Jewels of the Ark business fund the work of the ministry and in that way we can begin to help to contribute to our own upkeep.

 Prayer Points

We would be glad of your prayers in the following areas:


  1. For the ladies of the Ark, and their children, to enjoy deep growth, joy and peace in the Lord.
  2. We are SO thankful for our staff and volunteers:  May the Lord bless them mightily in their work here.
  3. For the success of the Jewels of the Ark business
  4.  That the women that God wants to bring to the Ark would be free from hindrances that prevent them from coming.


Thank you so very much for your prayers and encouragement and support. May God bless and keep you all.

Much love in Yeshua’s Name,

Polly Sigulim and the Ark in the Negev


Email: arkinthenegev@gmail.com