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Transition Time

December 9, 2016 in Newsletter, Uncategorized

What a cold start to this winter here in the land of Israel. We are currently undergoing a change in management and we appreciate all of your patience during this time. More posts and merchandise will be available in the near future. Thank you and God Bless.

Happy Holidays from our home to yours,

-Ark in the Negev-


March 3, 2016 in Newsletter, Uncategorized

Newsletter March 2016

Galieel flowers

“Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; but I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. “But if God so clothes the grass in the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, how much more will He clothe you? You men of little faith!                   Luke 12:27-28


The seasons are changing and our rainy season here in the Negev is coming to an end. The dusty desert has turned a lush green and the view is truly breathtaking! We know that this greenness is only for a short season as is the nice and comfortable temperatures during the day. We are enjoying our springtime here at the Ark.


As with all things there is a season. We will be moving from our current residence very soon. We ask for prayers in this for God’s provision and for His supernatural peace and serenity the whole way. We will be moving from our current rental to another rental home. We are awaiting God’s confirmation on where our Ark home will be. This is an exciting time for all of us. We are looking forward to seeing what the good Lord has for us this next season. God is good all the time.


Polly has returned from the U.S.A. and is thankful for all of the prayers that went up during her time spent in the hospital with double pneumonia. She is feeling PA190088better and is swinging back into life here in Israel. Everyone here at the Ark in the Negev is overjoyed that she has returned and that her health has returned.


The Ark counselor/teacher Stacey has departed to the USA and Canada for five weeks for her yearly tour. The women at the Ark anxiously await her return and look forward to hearing testimonies from her speaking engagements. Prayers are going up and are appreciated for strength and endurance throughout her tour.


The women in the Ark are growing spiritually and gaining a closer walk with the Lord. Everyone is happy of the progress in the hearts of those whom reside in the Ark. We have one woman who is battling ongoing serious medical issues and is bracing for a probable major operation. The community of believers is a strong emotional support for her. She thanks all of the Prayer Warriors and Prayer Partners for their love and prayers. She is very strong in her faith in Yeshua and she has chosen to keep her smile throughout this season in her life. Galalee flowers 2


The Little Arkite is doing very well in her kindergarten and is growing like a beautiful wildflower. She is fluent in Hebrew and absolutely adores her school.
Barbara is back in Israel and has begun another class of hair cutting/styling with two new students at her international school of beauty program. May she be blessed and may her students excel with their amazing teacher! Barbara has been missed and we are glad she is back.


We have had to say goodbye to a wonderful staff member from Canada. During her time here, she was invaluable to the women at the ark as well as our little Arkite. She tackled many tasks during her time with us such as being there to lend a compassionate ear 20160303_121913(1)and prayers as well as immense words of wisdom that will never be forgotten among all that have met her. All of us at the Ark will miss her colossally. May she be blessed in her next season with the Lord! We hope to see her again in the not so far future if it is God’s will.


We have new jewelry in the online store and have many new pieces and styles to make their appearance soon. The women at the A20151019_154747-1rk enjoy making these pieces and their smiles light up when a piece of jewelry sells, showing how accomplished they feel in doing a job well done.
As always, thank you to all our supporters. Thank you to the prayer partners and warriors, the monthly donators and to all who support us by purchasing the jewelry in our online store or in person. We find you all priceless to us.
If you would like to support us you can do so by clicking the donate button, or by purchasing a piece or two from our online store. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email at

November Newsletter

October 30, 2015 in Newsletter


Oh, Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm 118:1 NKJV



Do you ever have days where doubt seems to creep in? It so happens, that even the strongest person can come down with a case of temporary, “Spiritual Amnesia.” We here at the Ark teach our students to count their blessings. It may seem like an old fashioned concept, but it is biblical and it does in fact work! We encourage them to not only thank the Lord for His goodness, but to also praise Him for who He is. Worries and cares regarding the day can obscure our view of the, “True Reality.” Sometimes all it can take during times of doubt is to remember all of the good things that Yeshua has done for us and to look at the blessings right in front of our eyes. We may not be seeing blessings due to worrisome or stressful circumstances clouding our perception of how blessed we really are. This is why the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob kept reminding the children of Israel of His goodness so many times. He is a loving and caring God. As Believers in the Lord, we are all on a journey of faith.


We are extremely grateful for all of the prayers, encouragement and giving that pour in from our amazing supporters. You are a huge blessing to us. We go about our day with confidence knowing that so many prayer warriors stand with us, and have our back. May the Lord almighty bless you and keep you. Everyone here at the Ark wants you to know that we hold you near and dear in our hearts. We send to you our love and continue to pray for all of our supporters.


Here are the latest updates:
The Lord is mighty and is always watching out for us. Our beloved Karen, whom had blessed us with her creativity in jewelry making as well as her loving care and expertise in managing the website before passing it on to Tikvah, “not to mention countless other ways she has been a blessing…” needed a new home for her cherished dog Shomar. After group prayer all of us here at20151009_103453-1 the Ark received the same confirmation; Shomar’s new home was to be nowhere else but right here with us at the Ark. The mighty Lord does not disappoint. We were aware that we would benefit from a large guard dog and it just seemed perfectly fitting that the name “Shomar” is in fact the Hebrew word for “Guard or Protector.” Shomar has become a wonderful addition to the Ark family. He gets along famously with the small Ark dog, Noa, whom has been with us since her birth. Shomar is also very devoted to our students and the small child who is currently residing at the Ark. Karen was able to advance onto her next adventure with the Lord. She is taking a Human Rights course in Jerusalem, assured that her beloved Shomar is loved and cared for. We miss her immensely.


We were blessed for a couple of weeks with Tammy. She volunteered with us and did a wonderful job tackling our wild garden. She has since gone back to the USA and is missed. We are thankful for her time with us and we pray that she is blessed abundantly.

At the end of this month we will be saying goodbye to Misha, a marvelous volunteer whom has come to us from the Czech Republic. She will be deeply missed. Misha has been a loving, compassionate and gracious house mother. She has a passion to learn Hebrew and has joined in the Hebrew classes offered by our beloved counselor Stacey. Stacey has been encouraged to expand her own Russian language skills in the process of teaching Misha, since Misha can communicate with better ease in Russian verses English. Everyone is learning from each other, hence expanding our love, patience and acceptance of others. We are positive that when our little “Arkite,” whom is currently attending Kindergarten, grows up a little, she will be keeping us all up to date on the latest Hebrew slang…

Barbara, our salon instructor is being successful in the selling of the jewelry that she has taken back to the USA to preset during her visits among Churches and groups while she shares about the Ark in the Negev ministry. Oh how we miss her New York accent and personality, as well as how much she grumbles when we hug her! We are looking forward to her return in a few months.

Tikvah is doing a good job with the Jewels of the Ark marketing and is very grateful and thankful for all of your support and prayers.


Stacey is a long treasured asset of everyone here at the Ark we treasure her devotion and dedication to our students. She is always available to pray for and with our students in addition to her outstanding counseling plus teaching in Biblical studies and Hebrew. May she stay blessed as she is always a welcomed blessing.

There is this funny phenomenon that goes on here at the Ark… “Jewelry making Fixation…” Everyone has become afflicted with it! We all look forward to Mondays when, after lessons, everyone piles into the van and heads to Polly’s for jewelry making. We happily execute the jewelry making for hours upon hours and then whine when we have to stop; at that point we then start to beg for jewels to take home for self-induced, “Homework.” This can’t be normal, please pray for us! If you are interested in witnessing all the results of everyone’s ”forced labor ” exercise, come on over and check out the store on our page,


We hope and pray that you have a remarkable Thanksgiving, as you sit down and recall all of the terrific blessings the Lord has poured upon you. May He continue to bless you greatly and abundantly. Thank you for your continued support. We are extremely grateful to the Lord for you!

August Newsletter

September 22, 2015 in Newsletter


Shalom Dear Friends, Supporters and Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your prayerful dedication to the work that began four years ago as a vision from the Lord to reach out to women in distress.

It has been a long hot summer for all of us (here in Israel and for those of you in the United States). In the Negev desert in particular it has been more humid than ever before. Isiah 44:3 and Joel 3:18 declare that the Lord will bring streams in the desert, but I don’t think that he meant by us taking three showers a day!

However, the summer has also brought great blessing! As you may know we started a jewelry business two years ago. Our goal is not only to give our students a viable skill, but to help raise a salary for a full time employee from Israel. We are so proud to announce that a student who came to the Ark with her little girl is now the marketing director for our Jewels of the Ark jewelry business. She is not only a gifted jewelry maker in her own right, but she is overseeing the management of the website and the set up of the shop. She is doing an awesome job. The Ark Bible and Hebrew teacher, Stacey, is also proud of her student’s growth in her lessons and as a mother and woman of God. Please pray for the continued growth of our students.

Stacey’s father (being an experienced lapidarist) made several stones which Stacy has used to make necklaces that are for sale on our website. Please pray for her parents as they are not yet believers but are asking for prayers on their behalf.

Two graduates of Barbara’s hair cutting and styling class were awarded certificates; one is now cutting hair for the Senior citizens and Holocaust survivors at the Local Arad center, the other graduate has relocated to Sderot (near the Gaza Border) to minister to the Seniors there. Two beduin women from a nearby village are also having a special hair cutting class which incorporates some Bible teaching in the course. Please pray for traveling mercies for Barbara as she returns the the States and will be back with us in January.

My middle son recently got married to a beautiful woman of God, they are living in the central area of Israel and are ministering to teens and I.D.F young adults. Please pray for this precious couple.

One of the main assets of the ARK center is our volunteers. Their willingness to come to the center to share of their gifts and talents is so GREATLY appreciated.

Pauline, (from England), especially Blessed us with a thorough house cleaning, tackling every closet and cupboard in the house (it was well overdue).

Teri was a real trouper and put up with all of us, our quirks and issues, and we miss her very much!

Erica, though here for only a short time, was also amazing and willing to teach us from her own experiences. She works for a Teen Challenge center in America. Please pray for her work there and that she may come back to us one day!

Misha, from Czech Republic, is now here with us for a while and is showing us her “True Servant’s Heart” every day, as she labors alongside us for the Glory of the Lord.

Your prayers are treasures to us. The women who enter the Ark in the Negev come to us with various issues, hurts, and/or addictions, yet their core need is the same… to hear of The One who alone can heal their broken hearts and deliver them from their bondage.

Please know that each financial contribution is greatly appreciated.

Blessings and love with gratitude from Zion,

Polly Sigulim, Director

& the Staff, women and children (also known as the ARKites) of the Ark in the Negev.


Ark in the Negev: PO Box 1621, Arad 89068, Israel


Ark in the Negev operates through faith in God’s provision of financial and other gifts and donations from you, our faithful partners, as well as other families, friends and congregations. May the Lord bless you richly.

March 2015 Newsletter

March 16, 2015 in Newsletter

Shalom Dear Friends, Supporters and Prayer Partners,

Thanks for your prayerful dedication to the work that began four years ago as a vision from the Lord to reach out to women in distress.

At this time we are coming to terms with the sudden death of “Dvorah, ” a beautiful young woman who lived at the Ark with her child for one year. Dvorah returned to the USA last summer to raise her son among her family there. She had come to the Ark a few weeks before giving birth to a beautiful baby boy in the Land. She had courageously decided to have her baby as a single mother and in very difficult circumstances. Dvorah was funny, passionate, kind and encouraging. She loved the Lord. She was an amazing artist and was well able to teach her craft in a wonderfully engaging way. She made fabulous jewellery. She reached out. She was a beautiful life force that God gave us until He took her to Himself in heaven. We are glad she is with Him. We are blessed by her memory.

In other news, one of the main assets of the center is our volunteers. Their willingness to come to the center to share of their gifts and talents is greatly appreciated.

Our former House Mom Ivy is moving onto to other ministry. She was one of our first students and she dedicated herself to the running of the house. She is now in her own apartment in the area and is helping a ministry in outreach in Tel Aviv.

We really appreciated having had Amie volunteer with us for six weeks.   We particularly enjoyed her bubbly personality, hard work and her sweet Scottish accent.

Another volunteer, Barbara teaches hairstyling. Through the generosity of Barbara’s church in the USA, our center was able to purchase necessary hair salon furniture and tools so that she could teach this trade.  Now that Barbara has returned from Christmas break in the States, the folks in the congregation are lining up again to get haircuts! She and her students also give free haircuts to holocaust survivors and the elderly at one of the senior citizens centers in town. She is now preparing to start yet another course for those from the Ark and the community.

Speaking of our students, not all of them addiction backgrounds. B came to us six months ago when she lost her job due to a back injury. She was in need of rest for her physical body and spiritual guidance for this transition in her life. She is now employed and living in an apartment in the community. Please keep her in prayer.

We would appreciate your prayer for a student that was only able to stay with us for a couple of weeks. K came to us to detox in a safe environment where her privacy was guarded. She really enjoyed making jewellery with our ladies. Please pray for K as she continues to raise her son in the love of Yeshua.

Yes, if you haven’t heard, our jewellery business start-up has been up at running for two years. Our goal is not only to give our students a viable skill, but to help raise a salary for a full time employee from Israel. Stacey, the Ark Bible Teacher and I are the only Hebrew speakers. (Please pray as Stacey teaches Barbara some basic Hebrew).

In the meantime, our jewellery business now covers some Ark expenses. If you would like to buy some jewelry made by our staff and students, please go to www.arkinthe

Your prayers are treasures to us. The women who enter the Ark in the Negev come to us with various issues, hurts, and addictions, yet their core need is the same…to hear of the One Who alone can heal their broken hearts and deliver them from their bondage.

Please know that each financial contribution is greatly appreciated. The box below gives the information on how you can be a part of this ministry.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your family and friends. If they would like to join our mailing list, please have them send us a message at the email address below. Thank you.

Blessings and love with gratitude from  Zion,

Polly Sigulim, Director &

Staff, women and children of the Ark in the Negev.

Ark in the Negev: PO Box 1621, Arad 89068, ISRAEL


Ark in the Negev operates through faith in God’s provision of financial and other gifts and donations from you, our faithful partners, as well as other families, friends and congregations. May the Lord bless you richly.

To donate to this project:

  1. To donate to the Ark in the Negev, please mail your checks made out to “Eastern Europe Outreach, Inc.” to: EEO, Inc.   P.O. Box 7559     Pueblo West, CO 81007 USA     (NOTE: Please identify your check as being for TEEN CHALLENGE ARAD, ISRAEL.)
  2. You can donate by credit card or PayPal on the Eastern Europe Outreach website: a.) Click “Donate” and follow the instructions. b.) After filling in your donation amount and your personal information, click on “Special Instructions; “Designate your donation here:” “Add” and write in that your gift is for TEEN CHALLENGE ARAD, ISRAEL.
  3. Contact Eastern Europe Outreach by calling 719-647-7336 or via e-Mail at
  4. To donate by pay pal please go to this link:







Important New Short-Term Aim

October 22, 2014 in Newsletter

We are prayerfully seeking to raise enough money through SALES of our JEWELS OF THE ARK necklaces to help pay a salary for a needed full-time staff member for the Ark in the Negev refuge.

We are setting aside 50% of all sales to the specific aim of saving and contributing toward the salary of an appropriately qualified and dedicated Israeli citizen and Hebrew speaking believer in Yeshua to live at the Ark and help to manage the daily program. (The remaining 50% of sales will continue to go toward the daily needs of the refuge – such as groceries and utilities).

We are so grateful for the wonderful volunteers who have come from all over the world to spend time at the Ark and to help. And we still welcome the contribution of volunteers!

At the same time there has arisen a need for a full-time permanent staff member at the Ark.

We need your help!

You can help by holding this need for a staff member in prayer.

In practical terms you can help through purchasing our lovely (we believe!) products.

We are  delighted about every single necklace that sells, not least because we love to see our pieces go out into the nations and bless those that buy and wear them!

Donations toward the salary would also be gratefully accepted. In sending a gift, please indicate the donation is toward a Salary for Full-Time Staff Member.

TO ORDER our product, please go to the shop on this website.

May you be blessed!

Fall 2014 Newsletter

September 22, 2014 in Newsletter

Shalom and blessings from the Negev,

By God’s grace we have made it safely through a difficult summer of war and nation-wide distress.  We have been praying for our country, for our enemies and for those who have lost loved ones in the fighting.  We are so grateful for your prayers for our safety, peace and protection. God hears!

 New Beginnings

He restores my soul: He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake. (Psalms 23:3)

 Here at the Ark, in the midst of the troubles, we welcomed two amazing young women, one of them with a baby.

The first of the ladies has been recovering from the devastation of alcoholism.  Consciously dependent on Yeshua, she has been diligently working on her sobriety through her program at the Ark.

She does not take her sobriety for granted and relies on the Lord one day at a time as she goes forward in her new life.

This young woman has been taking advanced classes in hairdressing with instructor Barbara Secreto , and has graduated to cutting and styling hair for women in the wider local community.  She’s doing well, she is a precious blessing to us, and we are so proud of her!

As for our second new student – well, her face shines! Having come to the Ark following her decision to follow Jesus out of a situation of bondage in Tel Aviv, she has come with her baby boy to take shelter at the Ark and has embraced her new life in the Lord.

Her desire for her son to be dedicated to the Lord was fulfilled as the baby was prayed for and committed to God’s hands by the elders before our congregation, Chasdey Yeshua.

Learning to walk with the Lord and take care of her child, she is keen to make the most of the opportunities presented to her.  She has enthusiastically joined the “Jewels of the Ark” project, making lovely, delicate and intricate creations.  She was thrilled when the first necklace she made was sold to a wonderful, supportive believer in Greece!

Friendly, kind and creative, this young lady is a testimony to God’s work and a blessing to our community.


 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

As a group, the Ark team is keen to reach out to help other ministries.

For some time now staff and volunteers of the Ark have been traveling to Tel Aviv to help with a ministry to women called Red Carpet Salon.

Sponsored by the International Christian Embassy, the Red Carpet ministry helps women in South Tel Aviv who are trapped in crises such as prostitution and/or drug addiction.  Women can come to seek help, talk about their lives, and have manicures, haircuts and a hot meal.  Ark staff has been there to share about the Ark and encourage the women that there is a way out.   There is a place to come to if they want to change their lives.

Additionally, Barbara Secreto is an on-going weekly presence at the local Arad senior citizens’ centre. Here the elderly are given free hair cuts while being quietly prayed for. A beautiful 80 -year-old Russian immigrant in our congregation is also in attendance and she is able to actually speak to the Russian-speaking seniors about Jesus.

 Jewels of the Ark

We are currently missing the lovely Barbara Ruth, our jewellery instructor. Ruthi travelled to the USA earlier this month to help her elderly parents.

Ruthi is not only a devoted teacher, but she also designs and makes gorgeous pieces at a professional level. She is also the one who takes the fabulous photos of our products.  God has gifted her very much. May she and her family be greatly blessed during her stay in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Ark Director, Polly, has taken over the teaching and quality control side of the jewellery business. Praise God!

Please check out our products for sale on our website and on our Facebook page, Jewels of the Ark. Until September 29 there is a 30% discount on all listed items!

The proceeds of the Jewels of the Ark business fund the work of the ministry and in that way we can begin to help to contribute to our own upkeep.

 Prayer Points

We would be glad of your prayers in the following areas:

1. For the ladies of the Ark, and their children, to enjoy deep growth, joy and peace in the Lord.

2. We are SO thankful for our staff and volunteers:  May the Lord bless them mightily in their work here

3. For the success of the Jewels of the Ark business

4. That the women that God wants to bring to the Ark would be free from hindrances that prevent them from coming

Thank you so very much for your prayers and encouragement and support. May God bless and keep you all.

Much love in Yeshua’s Name,

Polly Sigulim and the Ark in the Negev



Summer 2014 Newsletter

August 6, 2014 in Newsletter

Shalom and blessings from the Negev

It is very hot and dry here! We need to take care to check on our plants and trees and give them extra water so they can continue to live. That is a picture of the work of Ark in the Negev J The women who take refuge here are like tender plants and trees that need time with Yeshua, to drink in His Holy Spirit and be revived and built up in Him.

We are glad to bring the following news:


 Our lovely “Dvora” is getting ready to graduate out of the Ark’s one-year program. She is preparing herself for work and life in the wider community. Dvora says: “It has been almost a year since I arrived. In that time I have had a baby, learned how to be a new mom, been able to open up through creative therapy, and made friends that I want to keep for a lifetime.”

It is not easy to come to the end of yourself and commit to starting afresh in the Lord. Dvora shares, “I almost quit several times. I have been pushed to my limits and had to reach out to God to make it to the next step. My faith and relationship with Yeshua is now stronger. When I leave the Ark I am going to go where the Lord wants me to.”

We are also delighted that Dvora’s baby, “Daniel,” is thriving. His mom confirms, “He is growing and full of love. He is a peaceful baby: so much prayer has gone into him and I think it shows.”

Jewels of the Ark

Our jewellery business Jewels of Ark is forging ahead and the proceeds of sales of our product go toward funding the work of the Ark.

Beautiful pieces are made by students and staff of the Ark, and women of the local believing community.

Polly Sigulim, Ark Director, reflects: “Personally I am very pleased with the way the business project is going. When we are all together making the jewellery it takes me out of the role of Director and puts everyone on a more equal footing. The students are able to rise up and reach their own creativity level. This takes them out of a perception that they are in a rehabilitative program because they have failed at life.”

 Our business now has a Facebook page from which it is possible to see and purchase gorgeous (we think so!) necklaces.

To order: Go to Facebook page JEWELS OF THE ARK (, choose from the products you will see there and send a message to the page indicating which item you are interested in. We will take it from there! Payment is made through paypal account: FIRST TIME BUYERS will receive a FREE pair of matching earrings JPrices include international shipping.

Groups or individuals visiting the Ark can also purchase our jewellery directly on site. We are happy to welcome visitors!

Hair dressing program

 We are excited that the wonderful Barbara Secreto has received the working documents necessary to return to Israel to teach hairdressing at the Ark.

The women of the Ark will again have the opportunity to learn a trade from a true professional who loves the Lord and loves the women and prays for them.

In the past Barbara has taught haircutting to the women of the Ark, and then together they have reached out to the elderly in providing free hair cuts at a local senior citizen’s center: It is healing and empowering for the women to be able to give as well as to receive.

We look forward to Barbara’s arrival on 4th July, and she already has candidates waiting for her classes!


 We are so thankful for prayers made for this ministry.

Please pray for:


  1. Dvora as she prepares to leave the Ark.
  2. New arrivals to the Ark to receive all that God wants to give them during their stay here.
  3. For the staff and volunteers who currently work in this ministry
  4. The jewellery business to grow and provide funds for the Ark.
  5. For God’s choice of additional full-time staff and volunteers to serve Him at the Ark
  6. A treadmill for our women to exercise at home during the hot weather

Much love and many thanks

 Polly Sigulim and Ark in the Negev


Spring 2014 Newsletter

August 6, 2014 in Newsletter

Shalom dear friends, supporters and prayer partners!

We are glad to bring you this newsletter. It has been a while since our last update, but we now plan to keep you posted on  a regular basis ☺

The work of the Ark continues, and we are delighted that one of our students, “Dvora,” gave birth to a beautiful baby boy several weeks after her arrival here.“Dvora” is learning to become a wonderful mother and is growing in the Lord. Both she and her child are a blessing to our community. Glory to God! Ivy has returned from a recent tour in America. She has been resting and gaining strength after her long trip, and we are happy she is back home ☺.We are also glad that Barbara Secreto, who set up our hairdressing salon, will be coming back to minister at the Ark in April. She will resume her work of teaching hairdressing to students, staff and members of the wider believing community. Definitely looking forward to that!

Jewels of the Ark” – our new business!

I adorned you with ornaments, put bracelets on your wrists, and a chain on your neck (Ezekiel 16:11)An important aspect of the rehabilitative program offered tostudents at the Ark is that they are given the opportunity to
learn “marketable skills” that could help them back on their

A special project the Ark is currently running is called Jewels
of the Ark.

The Jewels initiative began in March 2013 when an American
ministry called “Jewels for God” came to Israel and donated
semi-precious stones, crystals, tools and an intensive weeklong
seminar for students and volunteers to learn how to make
quality jewelry.

Since then, volunteers, staff and students of the Ark have been
meeting every week to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets
and earrings. Each piece is unique.
We now have a non-profit business license and are looking to
promote and sell our jewelry on a larger scale.

Importantly, the proceeds from sales of our jewelry flow back
to the Ark, to help fund the work of the refuge itself. In this
way, the Ark can help to raise some of its own support, and
the students can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are
contributing to their up-keep and their community.

Stacey Trobman, the Ark’s Bible teacher, says: “As I handle
the semi-precious stones to make a necklace, I think of the
ladies in the Ark. I think of them as diamonds in the rough
being crafted in the Master’s hand. I tell the women they are
unique and beautiful in the eyes of their Creator.”

We are so grateful for what the Lord has done in setting up
Jewels of the Ark!

Practical matters of prayer

We are thankful to God for the blessing of a new refrigerator…
This was an answer to prayer ☺
We would now be grateful for prayer in regards to the
possibility of buying the Ark house. We believe it would be a
blessing for the house to belong to the ministry for the long
term so that we can further develop and equip the building for
future service. May God’s will be done in this matter…
Meanwhile, our rental lease has just been extended for
another year, and that is very good.

Prayer for Israeli women in distress

Therefore, behold, I will allure her, Will bring her into the
wilderness, And speak comfort to her. (Hosea 2:14)

Please keep our precious students in your prayers. The enemy
fights hard against them to drag them down, but God loves
them and wants to comfort, heal and restore them.
Please also pray that those women that God wants to bring to
the Ark would be able to come without hindrance and that
their hearts would be prepared to surrender to the Lord and
receive new life from Him.

We covet your continued prayers also for our staff and for our
amazing short-term volunteers and all others associated with
this ministry.

THANK YOU for your prayers and your support!
Blessings and love from Israel,
Polly Sigulim, Director, Staff, Volunteers, and the Women and
Children in the Ark

Donations to this ministry can be made by paypal through our
website at:


July 12, 2013 in Newsletter

Shalom Dear Friends, Supporters, and Prayer Partners,

Greetings from the Ark in the Negev! We are sorry for the lapse in newsletters, but this has been a season of readjustments, as well as preparations for what the Lord is going to do with and for us. Please allow us to share some of the events and news at the Ark over the past few months.

The arrival of winter brought us showers of blessings that developed into an abundant rainy season. The stark brown landscape became covered with signs of life, as the many wheat and other fields began in flourish and became beautiful shades of green.

Just as we watched the fields evolve from being “void and lifeless,” we continue to witness the transformation of the lives of the shattered women who enter The Ark. Through Bible study, sharing our testimonies of how the Lord has helped us overcome difficulties and hardships, and other ways to share and express God’s love, we are so privileged to witness true life emerging in the students.

A new and exciting ministry project that helps teach confidence and work skills to the students is our jewelry project. The staff and students have learned how to produce and market some unique and beautiful jewelry. The sale of the jewelry is a way for students to have money for their personal items. Through this ministry project, the students learn that they must take the time to construct carefully the jewelry properly or it will not be usable. Stacey, the Ark’s Bible teacher/discipler, uses the project to share with the students the example of how the preparation of each piece of the jewelry takes patience and that they, too, must have patience in the Lord to prepare them to be exactly the “jewel” He wants them to be. Please pray for the Lord to bring the right person to lead this business venture. The jewelry is currently being sold to local communities, as well as visitors to the center.

The hairdressing program has proven to be a huge blessing to not only the students but also to the local residents. As the students progress in their skills, they accompany Barbara, program director and instructor, to the local senior citizen center where they provide haircuts to the residents. Not only does the experience help reinforce the women’s training, but it also builds their confidence to integrate back into society. Barbara took a break in the spring from the classes but expects to return later this year.

During Hanukkah, the staff and students shared a night of pizza and fun. The students work hard each day in their pursuit to overcome their past life and thoroughly enjoyed the time of relaxing. Please see some of the photos below.

We expect more students to arrive very soon. The two women who have expressed a desire to be with us are both pregnant. Thank you for your prayers, as we minister to these women and soon- to-be mothers.

Our short-term volunteers continue to be of great assistance to the staff and students at the center. Their invaluable help and support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support to the center. Together we will continue to see lives impacted and changed for His Kingdom’s plans and purposes. Please consider a special year-end contribution to The Ark in the Negev.

Blessings and love with gratitude from Zion,
Polly Sigulim, director
Staff, Volunteers, and the Women and Children in the Ark