August Newsletter


Shalom Dear Friends, Supporters and Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your prayerful dedication to the work that began four years ago as a vision from the Lord to reach out to women in distress.

It has been a long hot summer for all of us (here in Israel and for those of you in the United States). In the Negev desert in particular it has been more humid than ever before. Isiah 44:3 and Joel 3:18 declare that the Lord will bring streams in the desert, but I don’t think that he meant by us taking three showers a day!

However, the summer has also brought great blessing! As you may know we started a jewelry business two years ago. Our goal is not only to give our students a viable skill, but to help raise a salary for a full time employee from Israel. We are so proud to announce that a student who came to the Ark with her little girl is now the marketing director for our Jewels of the Ark jewelry business. She is not only a gifted jewelry maker in her own right, but she is overseeing the management of the website and the set up of the shop. She is doing an awesome job. The Ark Bible and Hebrew teacher, Stacey, is also proud of her student’s growth in her lessons and as a mother and woman of God. Please pray for the continued growth of our students.

Stacey’s father (being an experienced lapidarist) made several stones which Stacy has used to make necklaces that are for sale on our website. Please pray for her parents as they are not yet believers but are asking for prayers on their behalf.

Two graduates of Barbara’s hair cutting and styling class were awarded certificates; one is now cutting hair for the Senior citizens and Holocaust survivors at the Local Arad center, the other graduate has relocated to Sderot (near the Gaza Border) to minister to the Seniors there. Two beduin women from a nearby village are also having a special hair cutting class which incorporates some Bible teaching in the course. Please pray for traveling mercies for Barbara as she returns the the States and will be back with us in January.

My middle son recently got married to a beautiful woman of God, they are living in the central area of Israel and are ministering to teens and I.D.F young adults. Please pray for this precious couple.

One of the main assets of the ARK center is our volunteers. Their willingness to come to the center to share of their gifts and talents is so GREATLY appreciated.

Pauline, (from England), especially Blessed us with a thorough house cleaning, tackling every closet and cupboard in the house (it was well overdue).

Teri was a real trouper and put up with all of us, our quirks and issues, and we miss her very much!

Erica, though here for only a short time, was also amazing and willing to teach us from her own experiences. She works for a Teen Challenge center in America. Please pray for her work there and that she may come back to us one day!

Misha, from Czech Republic, is now here with us for a while and is showing us her “True Servant’s Heart” every day, as she labors alongside us for the Glory of the Lord.

Your prayers are treasures to us. The women who enter the Ark in the Negev come to us with various issues, hurts, and/or addictions, yet their core need is the same… to hear of The One who alone can heal their broken hearts and deliver them from their bondage.

Please know that each financial contribution is greatly appreciated.

Blessings and love with gratitude from Zion,

Polly Sigulim, Director

& the Staff, women and children (also known as the ARKites) of the Ark in the Negev.


Ark in the Negev: PO Box 1621, Arad 89068, Israel


Ark in the Negev operates through faith in God’s provision of financial and other gifts and donations from you, our faithful partners, as well as other families, friends and congregations. May the Lord bless you richly.